Our Statistics

Bronchial Asthma(BA) and Allergic Rhinitis(AR)

We have an extensive experience of managing Bronchial Asthma(BA) and Allergic Rhinitis(AR). We are convinced that not so many patients of such allergic diseases need medications. If we could identify and prevent the specific allergens then a few patient will require medicines for control of symptoms. We are not interested in giving all the statistics; instead following data has been presented in National Conferences of Respiratory Diseases (NAPCON).

As a routine we do thorough clinical examination; establish correct diagnosis by investigations, do allergy testing and follow a strict protocol of correlation. We make every effort to record correct data. All the new patients of AR and BA registed during the calendar year 2001 and followed up for one full year were included in this retrospective analysis.

Table No.11: Response Of Patients with Food Correlation

No. Feature Asymptomatic Relief No changes Total
1 Only Food 5 0 0 5
2 Food+Fungus 5 10 0 15
3 Food+HDM 1 2 0 3
4 Pollen+Food 15 8 0 23
5 Food+Animal 4 2 0 6
Total 30(58%) 22(42%) 0 52(100%)

This table shows that foods are important allergens in genesis of AR and BA. because only specific foods prevention has given relief of symptoms in only 5 patients; but food in combination with other groups has been found give favorable response in lager number of patients.

Table No.12: Overall Rsponse Of Allergic Diseases

No. Disease Asymptomatic Relief No changes Total
1 Al. Rhinitis(AR) 6(5%) 8(7%) 6(5%) 20(17%)
2 Br. Asthma(BA) 10(9%) 8(7%) 18(16%) 36(31%)
3 AR+BA 26(22%) 28(24%) 6(5%) 60(52%)
Total 42(36%) 44(38%) 30(26%) 116(100%)

Statistical test:

X2: df =4

P< 0.001

(Differences between patients of ‘NO change’ group and other groups are highly significant)

Out of new 208 patients only 116 could complete the follow up of one year. The pattern of symptoms was 76% patients had perennial symptoms, 16% in rainy season. 59% patients were symptomatic only indoors and 40% patients had both indoor and outdoor. In 45% patients food allergens, 22% fungi,and 19% house- dust-mites were correlated. Of all patients 38% were declared “Asymptomatic” 26% had “Relief” and remaining “Unchanged”. Address for correspondence:

Out of curiosity we evaluated a patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis and we got excellent results only with prevention of some allergens. Rheumatoid Arthritis is not only a chronic debilitating disease but also differs remarkably from similar diseases like Bronchial Asthma. An asthmatic can perform his daily rounds easily even in sever attacks but RA patient needs help at every stage.We registered this subject for the Ph. D. of University of Pune and completed the thesis recently. The results are as follows

Out of thirty patients registered for the allergic evaluation 15 (50%) patients required no drugs to control the symptoms of RA. 8 patients required significantly less medications and 7 patients did not respond to allergens prevention.The allergens were simple in most of the patients. Potato, wheat, milk were prominent. Unfortunately many patients had shown sensitivity to domestic allergens like fungi, house dust –mites etc. Therefore many patients had difficulties in reducing the exposure of allergens.